Big Al and three white-haired Caucasian female retirees push shopping cars outside Capstone Village


Getting on the bussWithin a short distance of Capstone Village, you will find banking, shopping, medical services, and the University’s first-rate Recreation Center.

Explore the area and you will see why Tuscaloosa has appeared on Money Magazine’s annual list of the country’s best places to live.

While the University is the heartbeat of Tuscaloosa, this prosperous and historic city will enlighten you with its nationally-recognized museums and galleries; entertain you with shopping, outdoor cafes and performing arts; and keep you basking in fresh air with its scenic lakes, golf courses and over 30 parks.

You will discover that Tuscaloosa, like Capstone Village, is comfortable, friendly, and fun. As one of the country’s most desirable cities, Tuscaloosa is the perfect location for this exceptional retirement community.